How to: Measure for Collars, Harnesses & Apparel

You will need:
1. Soft seamstress tape measure (or some string and a rigid ruler)
2. A well behaved pet
3. Lots of treats 
Measuring collar size
  1. take the tape measure and measure the circumference close to the base of your pets' neck around where their current collar usually sits. 
  2. Pull the measure snug but not too tight 
  3. Make sure there's room to fit two fingers between the tape measure and your pet's neck - this will ensure your measurement leaves room so your pet feels comfortable 
  4. If you're using string, note the point you've measured around the neck and lay out against a rigid ruler.
  5. Give your pet lots of fuss.
Measuring Harness size
  1. follow the steps above to get an accurate collar measurement
  2. Using the tape measure, measure the circumference of your pet's chest at its broadest part - this is usually right behind their armpits.
  3. Like the collar measurements, ensure the measure fits snug but not too tight. This will give them room to feel comfortable when the harness is on.
  4. More fuss (and maybe a treat) required.
Measuring for Apparel
  1. Follow the instructions as above and note down the measurements
  2. Now it's time to measure the length of your pet - get them to stand upright in order for accurate measurement.
  3. Take a measurement from the base of their neck between their shoulder blades to the base of their tail. The base of the neck is where the top of your pet's coat/jumper will sit
  4. This measurement will be an accurate length to gauge the right size apparel to order.
  5. All done - Lots more fuss and treats for being good boys and girls.
If you need any help with measuring, our products or have any questions, you can contact us. We're always happy to help.